Maximizing Efficiency with New Innovations

A large teaching institution in Houston, Texas that has over 1,000 trainees had a complex and inefficient system for managing salary, trainee supplements along with accurate affiliate billing. With the consultative help of New Innovations we were able to take this complex system made up of many disjointed pieces of software and bring it all into New Innovations.

Salary Management

A complex process for tracking and recording adjustments such as LOA to the trainee’s monthly salary. When any of these situations occurred an administrator had to manually calculate the salary and record this information in multiple distinct systems along with their payroll system.

Working collaboratively we were to map out the calculations for every possible salary adjustment resulting in a single report displaying the resident’s original salary, adjustments, and final salary. This report is automatically sent to ADP for payroll processing.

Trainee Supplements

Residents receive supplements if they’ve attended orientation, if they’re a chief resident, or if they’ve been moonlighting. Administrators manually track these supplements with an approval process ensuring there are enough funds. These ‘extra payments’ are then distributed to the resident in their paycheck with the ability to track disbursement.

Working with New Innovations the coordinators can now enter, modify, approve/deny supplements and subsequently extract a detailed report and file. An interface was developed in conjunction with ADP to seamlessly pass information back-and-forth ensuing an automated process.

Accurate Affiliate Billing

Prior to engaging with New Innovations, this customer was using an Access database to keep track of and bill internal and affiliates for resident salary and supplements. Due to the complexity of the billing there was much concern that an outside vendor would be able to manage this task, which included exports that accounted for daily assignments, rotations, and supplemental pay.

Simplicity was important as New Innovations worked collaboratively with the customer to take a complex process with multiple disjoint pieces of software. Working with New Innovations to determine how things worked, managing the process, and then working on the development of the application, was unbelievably complicated. Once completed the customer was able to use the application immediately and let go of the inefficiencies and maintenance of their homegrown system.