ARMIS, The Mobile Evaluation Solution

Get Mobile

Capture immediate direct observations to ensure more accurate assessments with Armis, the New Innovations Mobile app. Allow faculty and residents to skip the scramble of recalling the details of past experiences with a solution that that fits in the palm of their hands.

Evaluations Designed For The Mobile Experience

Getting timely and accurate resident evaluation data has been an issue for years; until now. With Armis, optimize workflow by giving ownership of the process to residents and faculty with a solution that fits in the palm of their hands (same).

Don't Let Evaluations Eat Up Your Time

We all know two things: everyone involved in the evaluation process is overwhelmed, and yet evaluations are necessary for resident success. The incredible burden that is put on both residents and faculty to comply with the evaluation process has not been made any easier with previous solutions.

Armis was designed to change this circumstance. Shift cards, computers, and clumsy paperwork are no longer required for you to perform an evaluation. If you have an iPhone, you can now access to the only mobile evaluation solution that automatically syncs up to New Innovations.

Your time is valuable. Evaluate on the go so you can claim more of your precious time, and aren't spending it filling out evaluations.

"When you have the mobile app, you can take a break from doing your charting, take your phone out and do your evaluations, and it’s done. That’s the beauty of the app is that you can do it anywhere, at any time, and you don’t really need your computer because you always have your phone."
Dr. Mark Armstrong, DO
Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners

Evaluate Better

Speak Your Evaluations

Use the built in dictation feature of iOS to speak your evaluations quickly and efficiently.

Continue Anytime, Anywhere

ARMIS remembers in-progress evaluations, and offers sorting to prioritize your time.

Organizes Your Work

Easily visualize new, on-demand, in-progress, and overdue evaluations.

Evaluations On Demand

Residents can request evaluations immediately so that they are free to complete other tasks.

Proven Results


Evaluations Designed For The Mobile Experience

As requirements for proving resident competency have increased dramatically, many residency programs are still scrambling to get even close to the required amount of completed evaluations.

We caught up with one of our dedicated beta testers, Dr. Mark Armstrong, DO. Dr. Armstrong has a full-time family medicine practice in Sparta, Michigan.

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Frequently Asked Questions


ARMIS for Android is currently up for future consideration. We have not begun planning or developing an Android version of ARMIS. After analyzing our current users and statistics on medical professionals, it was obvious that a large majority of residents and preceptors use iPhones over Android devices. It is our intention to serve the entire medical education community, so once we are able to develop an Android application, this will play a part in future plans. There is no current ETA for this project.


This idea has been discussed, but it is not being planned for or developed. We are concentrating on updates to the New Innovations online software that will benefit coordinators, managers, and administrators. This type of mobile application may become a priority in the future.

Residents and faculty members can currently log in to the New Innovations software with their mobile browser. Here they can access a mobile optimized version of the suite, excluding evaluations which are available on ARMIS.


Please start now! You can start using mobile once it’s released and your forms are optimized. We recommend that you wait until July 1 to start using mobile evaluations for consistency in reporting.

  • Go to Evaluations > Session Manager
  • Select your Session
  • Click the People Tab
  • Select the On Demand options at the bottom of the screen
  • Click Save Changes

If you need more assistance, please go to Help at the top right of the screen and select Knowledge Base. Here, you’ll be able to locate numerous helpful articles that will guide you through the evaluations process.


Go to Help at the top right of your screen and select Knowledge Base. Locate the section for Evaluations - Distribute and click on Distribute Evaluations of People. There are numerous helpful articles that will guide you through creating an On Demand session.


Any evaluation related to people and rotations. You cannot complete an evaluation of a program or conference surveys.