Real Work. Real Experience. Real Innovation.

Join our family and make a difference in the world of medical education

Find Meaning In Your Work

We help hospitals and medical schools around the world unlock the meaning behind medical trainee data. That's why some of the most innovative programs trust us with the task of managing their training programs.

Our company's value system is deeply rooted in altruism, commitment, and forward thinking. We use these strengths to our advantage, so that we may pass that advantage along to our community and the clients we serve.

What Should I Expect?

Headquartered in Green, Ohio, New Innovations is a software company dedicated to a distinct purpose: helping training administrators advance medical education. Once you hear our mission and understand our clients, it’s easy to see the purpose in your work. Here you can expect a unique culture paired with great coworkers and meaningful discussion.

Work Ethic

There is a common theme here. We each share a drive to create the best possible product and experience for our customers.


We have an ongoing civil war that we fight with nerf guns. Don't be surprised if you're thought of as a target when you first start here.


Venture out to our beautiful outdoor patio equipped with wifi and enough seating to accommodate our entire company.


The owners of our company are pretty great hosts. We celebrate our successes and holidays with company-wide games and food.


You may not want to leave once you start working here but retirement can’t be all that bad, We’ll help you get there.

Health & Dental

We offer a solid work-life balance to keep your mind at ease, and medical, dental, and life insurance for the rest.

Competitive Pay

We treat our employees well and give them the compensation they deserve.


Are you a coffee lover? We have more Keurig's then we know what to do with, and a “state of the art” coffee machine.

Freedom and Independence

Micromanagement doesn’t exist within our internships. We give you the tools you need to succeed and send you on your way.

Friendly Work Environment

Our employees seem to get along pretty well, and it shows. You’ll get to know more than your fair share of friendly faces during your tenure.

Work With a Purpose

Interns here know that their work will be utilized to help the business grow. You’ll work on projects that are timely, relevant, and useful.


With any internship, school comes first. We work around your schedule to accommodate homework, extracurriculars, and classes.