The New Innovations client family spans the globe

Putting Our Customers First, Since 1995

New Innovations has assisted tens of thousands of medical personnel with the task of managing their training programs. We work with our extensive group of medical educators to develop applications that are both feature rich and currently compliant with the ever changing governmental, industry, and regulatory oversight specifications.

We provide our customers with a highly configurable software suite that has grown by listening to our customers while responding to their needs. In return, our customers have been the ones who have spread the news of our software and have allowed us to grow as a company.


The United States of Medical Education

It’s easy to see why institutions all over the United States trust us with their residency data. Within a month, over 310,000 evaluations are completed inside the software, 435,000 procedures are logged, and over 8.4 million work hours are recorded. This incredible amount of data informs new solutions for our partners so we can all continue to pave the way for residency management.

Global Reach

New Innovations also assists residencies and undergraduate programs on a global scale. Our software is used in 9 countries, which account for 60% of institutions accredited by the ACGME-I. Wherever there's a residency, our help is not far behind.