Unrivaled Customer Support

We would not be here today if it weren't for our dedicated staff. We are determined to provide compassion with a clear desire to help others learn our software and the medical education industry.

Our Support Team

We are very picky about the types of people we hire to support our customers. We look for caring, professional, and personable individuals to be there when you need them. Our customer support model provides responsive and caring technical assistance through email, phone, training video, and online documentation. As a New Innovations client, you will receive comprehensive training before you start using the software. Additional training is available for a reasonable cost at any time. Our new customers are paired with one training partner who will be by their side throughout the entire training process.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers complete customer satisfaction surveys after a support encounter which helps to inform our continuous improvement. For us, it's not just about answering your current questions. We learn from our client base to help inform best practices and we try to anticipate your next question before it's even asked.

"New Innovations has a superb customer service team that is knowledgeable and friendly."
New Innovations Advisory Committee
Partners Healthcare System, Inc.
"As always, the customer service at NI is exceptional. I have never worked with another company with such a consistently high level of support."
Matthew Cromarty
Department of Medical Education
Maine Medical Center
"..What most impresses us; however, is the remarkable level of responsiveness and customer service offered by your company.."
Scott H. Barnett M.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate medical Education
Associate Professor of Medical Education and Pediatrics
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Our Implementation Philosophy.

We believe that our outstanding support philosophy radically sets us apart from our competitors. When a client chooses New Innovations as a vendor, they know that they’re getting much more than just software. You will have an Implementation Specialist working by your side through every step of the set-up process.

Implementation Specialist

We will start with setting up your New Innovations database. Our seasoned data implementation specialist has more than a decade of experience, specifically setting up databases and helping customers ease through the transition to a residency management suite. You will work side by side with her as she shares her knowledge of best practices and early awareness of potential roadblocks.

Setup and Data Entry

We will work with your key personnel to collect components of information necessary to build your database. As we receive and enter your data, you will be asked to review and approve it. Timelines for a go-live date are established once the collection of data is complete. If the implementation is for your entire institution, you may choose to implement the software across all programs simultaneously or you may elect to have a tiered deployment, where smaller programs are brought on first followed by core programs.


In cases where you are contracting for New Innovations across your entire institution, your GME administrators will receive phone pre-training to review the basics, to establish customized security guidelines or to setup some applications uniformly across all programs.


Several options are available to train your administrators how to setup and use New Innovations. For individual programs or smaller institutions with only a few programs, each program is paired with one product specialist who will provide guided phone instruction using a web sharing tool over the course of several sessions. For larger institutions, we will send trainers to your institution for two full days of a basic user instruction. Several tools are also provided to reinforce the basics and to teach more advanced topics. These include power point presentations, training webinars, quick start guides, FAQ’s and detailed user documentation.