How Checklists Overcame a Natural Disaster

When onboarding a large New York City customer with well over 1,000+ residents who routinely rotate to multiple affiliates they needed the ability to automate their existing new hire process. New Innovations worked with the customer to better understand their processes so that in developing the checklist it was much improved. After extensive research and many months the result was in three types of checklist; Onboarding, Advancement, and Visiting Residents.

These checklists collectively distribute interactive to-do lists to learners ensuring that the entire onboarding process is completed electronically and more importantly paperless. This seamless process reduces phone calls, individual emails, and pieces of paperwork. Administrators are able to communicate with the learners directly though New Innovations. Additionally, resident contracts can be electronically signed again eliminating paperwork and streaming the collection of signatures.

When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 this customer was able to successfully move learners between affiliated institutions electronically. The main reason is because all Onboarding was completed paperless within New Innovations. Since going to the office was out of the question this customer was able to capture the necessary material and electronically transfer this data to the affiliated institutions. This ensured a smooth transition for their learners to move between affiliated institutions.