Develop Curriculum That Results in Entrustable Graduates

Methodically determine the state of your curriculum and easily submit your data to the AAMC Curriculum Inventory portal directly from New Innovations.

Define Objectives

With New Innovations, you have a systematic way to define objectives throughout the different stages of your MD or DO program. Quickly and efficiently map the outline of what skills and knowledge your students should possess upon graduation.

  • Define the entire learning experience for medical students
  • Facilitate easy search and sort by adding MESH terms to your curriculum
  • Share course materials and other documents with your students prior to the start of a rotation or clerkship
  • Track curriculum connections to determine how much time you spend teaching a particular competency
  • Define how content will be delivered, how learning will be checked, when teaching will occur, and what will be learned

Assess Alignment

Analyze curriculum content by generating reports that allow problem identification and constant curriculum improvement. Share how and when certain content is covered and submit standardized data to the Curriculum Inventory Portal with the click of a button.

  • Share your curriculum with other medical schools through the AAMC’s Curriculum Inventory with the click of a button in New Innovations
  • Once your Curriculum is built, you can use reports to further determine:
    • Whether your medical school program covers all the competencies
    • How much coverage each competency receives
    • How each competency is taught and tested
    • What resources are used to deliver education

Quickly Audit Student Performance

Use applications that handle anonymous evaluations, case logging, and journaling to monitor your most relevant student performance concerns.


Visualize aggregate faculty responses and student performance data that help to inform school decisions. Generate reports for any time period displaying peer averages, individual average, minimum and maximum scores, or standard deviation.

  • Create secure online forms that allow your students and faculty to seamlessly evaluate performance and clerkship experience
  • Allow busy students and faculty to automatically login and complete an evaluation by clicking a link provided via email


Robust reports span the gamut of New Innovations. Below are a few examples of where you can pull data to inform your reporting.

  • Generate and analyze data collected about faculty members, medical students, or clerkship rotation experience
  • Create reusable report templates and filters
  • Reconfigure evaluations data with extraction tools that export to Excel or TAB
  • Confirmation Report
    • Quickly assess who has and who has not confirmed that they have received their Curriculum
    • Send reminders automatically to people who have not confirmed their curriculum
  • Coverage Report
    • Use the Coverage Reports to determine how your content is being taught and tested
    • View a complete summary of the Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS) Objectives used within your curriculum


Students have a space in which they can document thoughts related to their medical school experience. Administrators can also create journaling assignments for students to reflect on a specific learning activity.

  • Include instructions for the journal entry to prevent any assignment confusion
  • Quickly indicate a journal entry name, associated core competencies, responsible parties, due dates, and required signatures

Case Logging

Customize student clinical documentation according to instructional needs. Case log forms can be customized to only display relevant clerkship fields, student rotation requirements, and progress with an easy-to-view report.

  • Create fields that gather data specific to each clerkship
  • Allow students to conveniently log clerkship cases once they have been scheduled on the rotation

Automate Personnel Matters

Generate paperless personnel records that automate the collection of past education stats, test stores, expiring immunizations, and much more.


The profile is a complete summary of past education, test scores, file attachments, and contact information associated with each student. Customize and track data elements specific to your school or institution and ensure security with access configurations.

  • Easily access and update electronically stored information on key personnel
  • Utilize comprehensive reports that are informed by personnel data
  • Assign work roles within the software so that each person within your institution can perform the necessary functions associated with their role


Use New Innovations to identify missing immunizations and those that are nearing expiration. Automate your process by sending out instantaneous reminders to individuals whose immunizations are up for renewal.

  • Track specific immunization types such as Hepatitis, H1N1, and the Flu
  • Visualize details on Immunizations with a report that displays the number of trainees in your program and the number of trainees who are current with their immunizations
  • Add filters to the Immunizations report to easily sort through your data

Coordinate Student Schedules

Schedules are easily maintained with New Innovations, where you can quickly distribute all schedule information to your students.


Student clinical schedules efficiently integrate with our evaluation feature, case logging system, and many third-party systems. Ensure sufficient staffing levels to meet student scheduling guidelines and distribute clerkship specific materials.

  • Enjoy a simplified display of rotation schedule information
  • Students can easily access the location, contact information, preceptors, and curriculum associated with their rotation
  • The Custom Schedule View provides format and filter options that let you customize the display of specific types of scheduling information

Offerings & Requests

Use offerings to track the number of students that can be scheduled on a rotation at a location. Students can make their scheduling preferences known by requesting to join particular clerkships and locations.

  • Email notifications allow rotation managers to efficiently keep track of rotation requests
  • Once a request is approved the software will automatically apply it to the Clinical Schedule


New Innovations has expanded its clinical scheduling portfolio to include a Rotation Lottery. This new system offers more choice for third and fourth year medical students, and greater flexibility by optimizing the schedule around rotation availability and student preferences. It also provides Academic Affairs and Registrars’ offices with a more intuitive user experience with automated results in seconds - compared to days with other systems. This new lottery also pairs well with our more fixed Template system.

  • Academic Affairs can create numerous schedule options for student to select and rank
  • Course order, location and student preference can be utilized to populate schedules
  • The lottery process can be run as many times as needed to achieve the best possible outcome for students.
  • Tweak the results after the lottery runs to accommodate requests and make corrections