Ensure Institutional Quality

The New Innovations software assists you to intuitively monitor institutional performance, including expiring licenses and certifications, CLER Visits, required personnel data, and institutional agreements.


Ensure the quality and safety of resident training with tools that help you manage the nuances associated with the Next Accreditation System. Problems can be identified and corrected faster and with less disruption.

CLER Visit
  • Prepare for CLER visits with designated areas for the GME Office
  • Gather an informal pulse of resident opinions on the six focus areas of CLER prior to the visit using our poll feature
  • Store and automatically distribute site-specific policies to core faculty and trainees
  • Monitor agreements with automatic expiration emails
  • Supervise learning progress by creating reports on key personnel
  • Record CLER visit dates, identify key personnel, enter comments and attach files

Annual Program Evaluations (APE)

Review performance across programs at a glance, and see where programs excel. You can also view program trends, focus in on key areas of your programs and visualize which programs had a critical response to a question.

Additional Features
  • Set questions with concise response types (yes/no, %, etc.)
  • Easily search through tags, questions, and focus areas (Ex. View all responses that are tagged as “education,” “follow-up,” or all responses related to the APE Program Quality focus areas)
  • Compare average responses from program to program
  • Conveniently enter any program Citations or Concerns and link to Action Plans
  • Track progress and resolutions for citations and concerns
  • Record PEC member meetings

Implement Value-Based Reimbursement Strategies

Eliminate your institutional reimbursement issues with our Finance applications, which efficiently manage over $6.2 billion in Medicare/CMS reimbursement every year.


Automate your billing processes for trainee costs with optimized tools designed to support finance personnel. Enable your institution to configure custom "Contracts" that define the contractual obligations between itself and its affiliates.

Additional Features
  • Easily create and manage the amounts paid for trainee salaries, malpractice, FICA, etc.
  • Assign all applicable ‘Contracts’ to a single rotation or single person
  • Generate billing information for a specific date range
  • Various billing reports designed to inform various financial concerns


Empower GME and finance personnel to collect and export IRIS information for Medicare Cost Reports.

Additional Features
  • IRIS pulls personnel and scheduling data to automatically create reporting results by provider or for multiple providers
  • Personnel and rotation schedule data seamlessly creates the Master file and Assignment files required by CMS

Drive Superior Clinical Outcomes

Consistently drive improved institutional results with features that easily manage data collection and provide robust reporting.


Spend more time improving and less time discovering program issues. Easily gather information from across the institution, generate reports for individual programs, and customize your reporting to address specific areas of focus.

Evaluation Report Examples

GME Level Reports
  • Extensive filtering options so that you only see what’s relevant to you
  • See a global view of evaluation information
Program Level Reports
  • These reports give you an overview of the performance data collected on all trainees
  • Access a display of residency competency data
  • View a list of assigned evaluations that have passed their due date
  • See results of subcompetency questions

Personnel Data Reports

Advancement Report
  • This report displays the resident roster so you can easily view which residents are at which institution.

Scheduling Reports

View daily scheduled activities by personnel to monitor schedule trends.


Compile timely and relevant data about the performance of your personnel and their rotation experience. A complete 360° evaluation process can be achieved by setting up rules to automatically generate evaluations for all trainees, faculty, and ancillary staff.

Evaluations Builder

Enjoy a fast and intuitive form-building process that allows you to easily make or update your evaluations; even those in use.

Additional Features
  • Conveniently edit a form while it's in use
  • Enjoy numerous question types that accommodate program nuances
  • Extract insights with comprehensive reporting

Evaluation Reports

Provide programs and institutions with dependable information about the quality of learning experiences they offer.

Additional Features
  • Easily get detailed evaluation results about each resident, faculty member, or rotation
  • Extract useful data immediately
  • Intelligent report distribution and printing options
  • Take a high-level view of all programs and all participants
  • Choose what you want to see with easy filtering options
  • '14 Day Compliance' column on Faculty Compliance Report
  • ‘Comments-Only' reports for residents, faculty, and rotations

CCC Review

Efficiently accommodate requirements of the Next Accreditation System with our CCC Milestone Review. Allow CCC members to easily review summarized evaluation data and Program Director reviews to determine the trainee's current level.

Additional Features
  • The spider graph displays the average resident score for each subcompetency by Year in Training
  • Dig deeper into each resident's Milestone Review with notes on Milestones, Resident Reviews, File Attachments and Meeting Notes
  • Enjoy a calculated score normalization that represents skill acquisition

Procedure Logger

Track information about procedures performed and diagnoses made by trainees in your program. Accurately monitor required levels of supervision for performing required procedures and set target numbers for trainees to meet.

Additional Features
  • Residents and fellows can be automatically credentialed to perform procedures independently once they meet the goals set by you for each procedure
  • Create custom fields to capture data that is specific to your program
  • Import logs from the ACGME Resident Case Log System and use the features in New Innovations to view, manage, and report on this data
  • Verify levels of supervision required for residents when they perform certain procedures.

Scholarly Activity

Trainees and faculty can now easily follow WebADS reporting format by logging scholarly activities using custom forms that you create and conveniently access the PubMed search from our suite

Additional Features
  • Create various forms to document abstracts, grants, publications and poster presentations
  • Skip the email blasts with automated email notifications for Scholarly Activity Forms

Program Director Review

Create and maintain resident portfolios for Semi-Annual Reviews by gathering a resident’s cumulative statistics. Configure data you would like included from the Work Hours Summary, Evaluation Comments, and many other areas of the software

Additional Features
  • Facilitate Semi-Annual Program Director Reviews of resident and fellow performance
  • Gather information from most modules to create centralized reports for the review process

Provide Administrative Oversight and Guidance

Streamline your resident data tracking process with conference attendance, materials distribution, patient history, and much more.

Work Hours

Track trainee work hours and easily visualize violation details. Configure rules according to your program, import the daily schedule to reduce redundant data entry, and include sign-off options that require trainees to verify a complete log.

  • Take advantage of several reports to keep track of who is logging their hours and where any violations exist
  • Enable automatic notifications to alert you when violations occur and to remind residents to log their hours
  • View trends and other information that may be causing violations


Allow administrators to seamlessly manage conferences. Rid yourself of conference pains by adding shared files for attendees, intelligently assigning speakers, sending email reminders, and distributing conference surveys.

  • Assign speakers and send attendee and speaker notifications
  • Distribute conference-quality surveys
  • Generate attendance rosters
  • Create reports detail attendance, speakers and surveys
  • Configure conferences to populate duty hour logs when an attendee is marked present at a conference

Rotation Goals and Objectives

Attach required reading materials to rotations for automatic distribution to faculty and trainees prior to the start of their scheduled rotation.

  • Set up email and home-page notifications to direct recipients to curriculum documents
  • Recipients can confirm they’ve read and understood the rotation goals and objectives

Continuity Clinic

Allow trainees the ability to easily log visits to Continuity Clinic patients.

  • Share patients between trainees and departments
  • Provide administrators a centralized view of all Continuity Clinics and related information

Stay Informed of Resident Schedules

Whether maintaining rotation schedules, call schedules, staffing a clinic, or coordinating ER shifts, our suite provides efficient entry and distribution of all schedule information.

Rotation Scheduling

Manage yearly academic schedules and share them with everyone in your program. Create an unlimited number of schedule views to include rotators, rotation names, trainee years, and faculty, with easy print options once you’re finished.

Additional Features
  • Effortlessly view information regarding resident rotations throughout the year and who will precept the rotation
  • Coordinators can create custom views to show specific types of information such as first year residents or a single rotation

Desktop Utility

MedScheduler gives you the freedom to set up rotation and daily schedules offline and then synchronize the data when completed. Configure scheduling guidelines and set up schedules quickly using our convenient drag and drop functionality.

Additional Features
  • MedScheduler automatically retrieves your current scheduling information from the department you're logged into so you don't need to worry about confusing imports
  • Once you are connected to the internet you can synchronize MedScheduler with your online database to reflect your changes

Daily Schedule

Efficiently handle daily scheduling. Manage requests for days off or for specific assignments and automatically feed projected assignments onto your trainees duty hour logs for their approval.

Additional Features
  • Schedule day-to-day activities like calls, clinics, and shifts
  • Assignments can be configured to populate a resident or fellows duty hour logs as soon as they are put on the assignment
  • Date and start/end time are automatically recorded but can be changed by the trainee to reflect accuracy

Manage Personnel

Enhance the overall efficiency of your onboarding process using checklists to automate the distribution and collection of materials, assign tasks to residents and fellows to be completed for employment. Also, track and advance progress resident progress to the next program year, to another program or to graduation. You can unlock the full potential of this module by opting for our Electronic Signature and rotating medical student onboarding premium features.


Automate the distribution and collection of documents and tasks that residents and fellows must complete before they begin their employment with your program, progressing to the next year in their program, moving to another program, or graduating.

Additional Features
  • Build an interactive to-do list to share forms and documents with recipients
  • Customize to-do lists for recipients based on special circumstances
  • Send automatic notifications and reminders via email
  • Include tasks that the recipient can mark complete, links to websites, document sharing and requests for data
  • Improve contract signing efficiency our premium Electronic Signature feature
  • Enable the onboarding of rotating medical students


Efficiently keep track of payroll amounts and funding sources. Remain current with all payroll initiatives and keep in line with the finance office.

Additional Features
  • View a list of the compensation paid to residents and fellows including their annual salary, meal or travel allowances, and stipends for Chief Residents or special grants


Ensure all certifications, licenses, and other endorsements are up to date. Training letters and immunizations can be stored and updated in a centralized place so you can remain compliant with accrediting bodies

The Expiring Items Report displays the following items from Personnel Records:
  • Visas
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • ABIM
  • BLS
  • ACLS
  • Critical Care Medicine Certifications
  • HIPAA Certifications


Track appointments to take the pain out of managing yearly resident appointments. Seamlessly collect and distribute all contractual information for the duration of the appointment.

Additional Features
  • Conveniently distribute a contract through checklists
  • Create easy-to-configure contract templates