The Best of 2016

  1. Growth
    This year we were lucky enough to have hired 12 new employees! We’re still growing and are proud to serve your mission.

  2. Evaluations Overhaul
    Last winter we released the largest update that evaluations has ever seen. Heavy updates were implemented across evaluation reports and evaluation builder in order to make mobile evaluations a reality.

  3. Mobile Evaluations
    A few months after changes were made to evaluations within the NI software, Armis, our mobile evaluations application was released on the App Store. Since the release we’ve done a few updates to the app - including the addition of Touch ID for easy sign-in!

  4. Charity
    Just like every year, 2016 saw a significant amount of effort put towards giving back to the community. The New Innovations staff hosted lunches and collected donations for charities such as Paws & Prayers and Haven of Rest.

  5. UME Seminar
    2016 was also the first year we were able to host a seminar dedicated specifically to UME. We got to talk about the future and hear from each other about what works best for tracking medical education activities. Everyone learned a lot!

  6. Interns
    Something we’ve been particularly interested in is giving relevant professional experience to students at local universities. We’ve collaborated heavily with The University of Akron and had 7 interns grace our halls this year alone, a few of whom were working on our social media posts!

  7. International Connections
    The Oman Medical Specialty Board Team traveled to discuss ways we could collaborate with their institution in an effort to help scale our shared vision for medical education.

  8. New Website
    Last February we completely revamped our website to include more in-depth information and are committed to continuous updates that provide you with relevant and useful content!

  9. Upgraded Help Center
    Last winter we released a complete overhaul of our online Help Center. Answers are now easily searchable, FAQs are readily accessible, and support ticketing is now friendlier than ever. A history of your support requests exists in your ‘Help Profile’ so you can unearth the answer to a question right away.

  10. YOU
    This year we were able to expand our staff and client family because of the feedback and support from our current customers. Thank you for all you do! Here’s to 2017!