Updates To Your New Innovations Service

Thanks to you (our wonderful customers), the New Innovations software continues to grow and change to better serve medical education.

We will be making some updates that allow us to build upon the reliability of the New Innovations system and further expand the software in the future.

During our regularly scheduled maintenance on December 17th, we will be incorporating additional IP Addresses into our infrastructure so that we’re able to scale efficiency throughout our system. It’s likely you won’t have to do anything special when this change occurs. The network within your institution should pick up the new IP addresses within a few minutes of the change.

However, many hospitals, medical schools, and other medical institutions have heavy network constraints put in place by their IT departments in order to provide security. In these cases, you will need to involve your IT department and have them whitelist our addresses to make sure service to New Innovations is not interrupted.

The additional range of IP addresses will be: -

Please talk to your IT department and let them know of this upcoming change as soon as possible.

As we complete updates, we will be posting to our Twitter page as well as our status page.

Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact us.