Keeping The Focus On Millennials The Future Of Our Workforce

86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020 —representing a full 40% of the total working population.

In today’s world, employee retention is difficult. Studies show that most American workers are not engaged at work. Millennials top this list with a staggering 71% of respondents reporting that they are not engaged in their current workplace. Employees who are not engaged are more likely to pursue another opportunity. 47% of millennials who reported being disengaged at work also reported that they intend to find another job. Engagement is essential for retaining employees, so how can businesses engage their millennial stakeholders? First, we’ll look at what millennials want from a job.

Freedom and Independence

  • Millennials want the chance to use their creativity to produce meaningful work without being micromanaged. They’d like to be empowered to solve problems and complete projects autonomously.
  • 72% would like to be their own boss. But if they do have to work for a boss, 79% of them would want that boss to serve more as a coach or mentor.

Flexible work schedule

  • Millennials do not measure work by hours or location, but by the quality of what they produce.
  • Many of today’s top companies are incorporating flexibility into the workplace by allowing employees the ability to set their own schedules.

Compatibility and Mobility

  • According to Fortune, companies with the most successful training programs focus on employee interests, passions, and career goals
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average young adult has had an average of 6.2 jobs by the age of 26.
  • To get employees involved in the organization, give them access to the training they need to move vertically and horizontally. Experiencing a company holistically can help create a lasting bond between the employee and the organization.

Personal Fulfillment

  • Millennials place great importance in social causes and a sense of purpose.
  • It’s important that Millennials employees see that their personal interests align with the interests of the company where they work.

Collaborative Work Environment

  • Millennials value collaboration over competition. While advancement is important to them, they are more focused on fostering successful relationships and working with others to achieve a goal.

Why Millennials Would Enjoy Working At NI:

At New Innovations, we believe internships should add value to your career while also providing you with something great to speak about when encountering future employers. We have a passion for students, and enjoy the fire and energy they bring when working on a project. Our internships focus on real-world business problems that are very relevant and need solved.

New Innovations Offers:

  • A non-traditional work environment with a friendly culture
  • Casual dress code where tennis shoes and jeans are the norm
  • Hands-on CEO who is very appreciative and values his employees for their ideas and suggestions
  • Flexible work schedule - we work around the demands of your coursework. School comes first!
  • Investment in numerous philanthropic endeavors
  • We encourage you to bring forth your passion and energy to share ideas and work with other interns and coworkers to achieve greatness.

What Our “Millennial” Interns Love About Their Jobs:

  • Tyler Reed: “I love having the independence to be able to work on a variety of projects. Having the freedom to complete my assignments autonomously has given me valuable experience that I cannot get in the classroom!”

  • Drew Dawson: “The flexibility is great. I enjoy coming to work and giving my all, but when I have an exam to study for they recognize the importance of my education and allow me time off to focus on my studies.”

  • Tori Maglione: “There are so many things I love about this internship. I like being able to come to work every day in comfortable clothing and collaborating with my supervisor and peers to come up with new ideas for projects without being shut down. They seem to really value the work I do, which makes me want to give my all and learn new things every day.”

Not Yet Convinced That Millennials Are The Future? Watch This Video Below To See How To Coexist In A Multigenerational Workforce!

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