Let's Celebrate What We've Created This Holiday Season

To Our Internal Medicine Program Directors,

No group has banded together to provide more collaborative assistance to us than the Internal Medicine Program Directors. We’ve all struggled to implement processes to serve the Next Accreditation System over the past several years and you’ve worked tirelessly to keep us informed and to provide feedback on every iterative solution we’ve provided. The requests you’ve submitted have resulted in numerous improvements to our software and we’d like to thank you for your collaboration.

As the Holidays approach and the year winds down, we thought we would share a list of the features you’ve helped to create:


  • Track faculty evaluation completion
  • View resident conference attendance, duty hour compliance and procedure targets reached Evaluations
  • Rate Entrustable Professional Activities that are tied to milestones
  • Leverage faculty responses to evaluations by mapping them to subcompetencies
  • Serve mapped data to the Clinical Competency Committee


  • Graphically display resident performance data
  • Link end of rotation comments directly to relevant reporting milestones
  • Access Semi-annual Reviews while rating residents on milestones


  • Assess faculty scoring trends
  • Compare individual faculty ratings to those of other faculty </ul>