Preparing For The December 2015 ADS Milestone Submission

As many of you begin the preparation for uploading milestone scores to ADS in December, we would like to draw your attention to several updates that have been added to our CCC Milestone Review software in the last six months.

What Has Improved Since My Last Submission?

  1. Milestone results from prior reviews now appear on the radar chart in Resident Review
  2. You can view and print the full list of your program’s ACGME Milestones
  3. You can now view a count of “N/A” evaluation response per Subcompetency
  4. Milestones flagged as Requiring Attention on prior Reviews are now identified in the current Review
  5. You have the option to restrict residents from viewing peer averages
  6. You have the option to prohibit rating scale responses from being Normalized and Averaged
  7. We have altered our normalization calculation to better represent skill acquisition
  8. Evaluation comments submitted using the Comment Box Grade Scale can now be mapped to a Subcompetency and included in the CCC Milestone Review
  9. For programs with a “Has Not Achieved Level 1″ selection on their Milestones, these results can now be optionally included as a zero when calculating averages

Finally, we’ve nearly completed an update allowing you to view and score all your Subcompetencies on a single page which includes not only the full text of each Subcompetency but also the prior Milestone score and summarized evaluation results. While available to all users, this new page will be especially helpful for those of you who do not have a lot of information mapped to your Subcompetencies or who simply do not spend much time reviewing evaluation details during your CCC meeting.

Also, New Innovations will be discontinuing support of IE8. Using IE8 could affect the performance within the CCC Milestone Review.