Discontinuing Support of IE7 and IE8

The Rationale New Innovations will no longer support Internet Explorer Versions 7 and 8. Microsoft announced last year that they would be discontinuing support of this browser this past January. They have since amended their End of Support policy, which can be found here.

There will no longer be any bug investigation or fixes associated with using IE7. If you continue to use this browser, you will begin to lose some features and functionality within our software and many other software packages you currently use.

If you are currently utilizing IE8, this browser will also be phased out of support from the New Innovations software before January 12, 2016. This mandate comes from a decision made by Microsoft aimed to push users towards using the most current and technologically secure version of Internet Explorer.

Please upgrade to the most updated version of Internet Explorer as soon as possible. Microsoft will discontinue all support for both of these browsers on January 12, 2016.

Why are we making this change?

Giving New Innovations users the best experience is critical to our business. We use this rationale to determine which browsers we support, and we only support browsers that will add the most value for our customers. There are three specific reasons that helped drive this decision:

  1. IE7 is less secure. Security is incredibly important in medical education, and therefore, to New Innovations. There have been multiple security risks discovered when using this older browser. We are upholding our commitment to trust and security by ending support to this browser.

  2. IE7 is not compatible with our software architecture. IE7 was released back in 2006. These browsers do not support the applications that are expected by our customers, including industry standards in code and the technology in which we continue to invest. As we look towards mobile application, these new applications become a critical component of the New Innovations software.

  3. A majority of our customers have already moved to newer browsers. Very few of those in our New Innovations customer base are still using IE7. The trend shows that our customers are continually moving to new browsers, and we would like to develop features that best serve our customer community.