Need Help with APE?

Our APE application within New Innovations has many different functions that can help with critical components of your Annual Program Evaluations. Learn how this may benefit you in the details below.

Overview Across Programs:

See what’s critical and what’s exemplary Where and which programs struggle? Where and which programs exceed expectations? Focus in on key areas (search by tags, questions, or focus areas) Example: View all responses tagged as “education” Example: View all responses related to the program quality focus area Compare program responses by question For this question, how many programs met expectations? Question stats: what was the average response? How many programs responded? What programs had a critical response to this question Export raw data for further review and comparison Individual Program Performance:

See program responses and clarify understanding What’s the actual score for each question Trending Does the program have a higher score than last year? What’s improved and what hasn’t over time? Focus in on key areas or responses On which questions did the program meet expectations? What are the responses for the questions tagged as “scholarlyactivity?”