Innovating Towards a New Horizon

With the new Evaluation Reports you will be able to:

Get detailed evaluation results about each resident, including milestone data Generate detailed results on faculty and rotations Take high-level views of all programs and all participants Access easy print options for all reports Choose what you want to see with easy filtering for dates, questionnaires, and anonymity

Why did we need to change our Evaluation Reports?

Evaluation reporting has been a very painful process for many of our customers for years. We recognized the need for a better solution that reduced its overall difficulty while presenting clear results on the state of your program.

How will the new version benefit me?

Benefits for Program Directors & Program Coordinators
Initial report shows all residents and highlights any low scores for immediate action
High level views of all resident, faculty and rotation reports
Rich details available behind every high level report
Easily searchable database of evaluation feedback data
Enhanced printing features like clean pdfs and printing for multiple subjects at one time
Flexible date ranges
Grouping and sorting options for all lists
Access to confidential comments submitted to them
Easy distribution and printing of reports for multiple people at a time
Options for handling confidential information

Benefits to GME Admins and DIOs
View evaluation completion rates for faculty per programs in a given institution
View evaluation data for any program without having to change departments
Identify problem areas
Monitor effects of improvement efforts

Benefits to Faculty
Monitor their own progress
Monitor residents who are their advisees

Benefits to Residents
Monitor their own progress

What’s going to happen to my Old Evaluation Reports Data?

Don’t worry, your old data isn’t going anywhere. Data from pre-training records will still appear and is organized by year in residency.

What’s the sun-setting going to look like?

Phase 1: (Old Reports are still the Primary Reports. There is a link that leads to the Beta Version of New Eval Reports). We are currently in Phase 1.

As we exist in the Beta Phase of Evaluation Reports, please take a look and play around in Beta so that you can submit feedback and ultimately make the program as efficient as possible.

We may then move to a phase where the Beta Reports link is displayed as New Reports, but this step has not yet been solidified.

Phase 2: (New Reports are now the Primary Reports. There is a link to the Old Eval Reports to allow people access to it as the Old Reports are phased out). This will occur in Mid-Summer.

Phase 3: (Old Reports will be eliminated from the software, with preservation of the data collected in Old Reports). New Reports will be the main (and only) form of Evaluation Reports.