Undergraduate Management Suite

The Undergraduate Management Suite emphasizes sharing important information by providing widely available access to a secure online database. Our system assists training programs in documenting each step of the medical education process and provides dynamic options for several crucial milestones.

Our suite utilizes a combination of email and system reminders to keep students informed of key events and tasks to be completed.

Maintain Important Student Data

Store personnel records in a centralized location that is shared between Academic Affairs and Clerkship offices or locations. Our Personnel Data feature tracks a wide range of demographic details including:

  • Complete record of any past education and test scores.
  • Customizable data elements to track school/institution specific information.
  • Checklists to help manage and track any documentation tasks or process
  • Secure information access configured to each work role or individual.
  • Data export features to Microsoft Access® and Excel®.

Student schedules are easily maintained with centralized entry and quick distribution options for all schedule information including:

  • Easy access options for all support staff.
  • Display complete individual schedules in one place.
  • Schedule integration with our Evaluation and Case Logging systems.
  • Schedule integration automatically assists evaluation matching.
  • Curriculum distribution based on the specific rotation names and dates.
  • Schedule reporting tools that insure sufficient staffing levels and assist in meeting student scheduling guidelines.
Complete Evaluations

Our Evaluations module provides a program or institution with the tools necessary to gather and compile data on the quality of student performance and the clerkships associated with their training.

  • Automatically generate evaluations based on the clinical schedule.
  • Send automatic email reminders for availability and when evaluations are overdue.
  • Allow evaluators to submit evaluations anonymously.
  • Require electronic signature of both evaluators and/or subjects.
  • Generate compiled reports for any time period displaying peer averages, individual average, minimum and maximum scores, or standard deviation.
  • Control the display of all comments.
  • Manage evaluator compliance with a wide range of tools and reports.
  • Specialized Anonymity options preserve objectivity for students.
  • Composite evaluation features that allow clerkship administrators to integrate all student data into a comprehensive assessment.
Manage Case Logging with Requirements

Our suite features an online case log entry that may be customized to gather procedure/diagnoses data according to any instructional needs.

  • Case entry can be entered online or from mobile devices such as smart phones.
  • Student requirements can be set per rotation.
  • Reports display trends for student progress for each rotation or across specific time periods.
  • Case Log entry page may be customized to only display fields relevant to each clerkship allowing more accurate and intelligent gathering of case data.
Mobile Case Log Entry

Our PDA and smartphone applications allow students to enter case log data on the go. Data can be synchronized to the NI server for immediate reporting in the suite.

  • Case Log data may be entered and reviewed wherever users go.
  • Support for smartphones like the Apple iPhone® and other major mobile devices including Palm® and Windows® Mobile systems.
  • Devices synchronize directly to the NI server to get the most current information.
  • Quick and easy installation directly from the web.

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